We are driven to invent and build things that matter.

GE works every day to bring to market innovative solutions that provide energy and water security, create jobs, improve health and reduce environmental impact. We build infrastructure that helps solve some of the world’s most complex challenges and provides a foundation for a sustainable future. Our investment in strategic sectors such as energy, healthcare and infrastructure creates value for our customers, shareholders and society. Our innovations provide practical solutions to sustainable development challenges and are tailored to address local needs.

We do this because it’s the right thing to do and because there is a clear business opportunity in delivering effective and efficient products that reduce environmental impact. We invest in and deploy a range of solutions that allows us and our customers to meet today’s needs while retaining the flexibility to anticipate the leading platforms of the future.

Through our focused Ecomagination and healthymagination programs, we are helping our customers improve their operational performance and deliver better outcomes. Our commitment to improving sustainability also extends across our own operations and into our partnerships with suppliers.

Identifying and responding to the challenges faced by customers, communities and key stakeholders in our global markets requires more than just technological and industrial innovation. At GE, we engage on public policy, protect human rights, support the education needs—especially in science and technology—of a growing population and promote adequate legal frameworks. Through the combination of our products, policy advocacy, education initiatives and other partnerships, we help create an economic environment where sustainability can be firmly rooted.

For more on our strategy to create value, please see GE’s Annual Report.