Developing Health: 2016 Highlights

The GE Foundation’s signature programs, Developing Health Globally™ (DHG) and Developing Health U.S. (DH), aim to increase access to quality healthcare in underserved communities around the world. These programs are funded and managed by the GE Foundation in collaboration with national ministries of health, public and private health facilities, NGOs, and academia.

New in 2016: Boston Community Health

In 2016, the GE Foundation announced a new $15 million commitment to community health in Boston and greater Massachusetts, helping to expand care in behavioral health and addiction medicine with an initial focus on the opioid epidemic. The Developing Health initiatives in Massachusetts will focus on skill development, innovation, and data, and on increasing awareness and advocacy to combat the stigma associated with substance use disorders.

Project Echo

Separately, through a $14 million, multi-year commitment, the GE Foundation continues to support the broad replication and scale of Project ECHO, an innovative model that builds up the capacity of primary care providers to treat more patients with complex conditions, expanding access to care. By leveraging technology, primary care providers are linked with multi-disciplinary teams of specialists who share their expertise. As the primary care providers expand their knowledge and skills, they can begin to treat more patients.

Safe Surgery 2020

The GE Foundation is committed to leading a global private sector effort to improve surgical capacity, infrastructure, and training with its Safe Surgery 2020 initiative. Access to safe, affordable surgical and anesthetic care is a pressing issue in global health. There are currently 5 billion people across the world who lack access to the safe surgical care they need, 90% of whom are in low- and middle-income countries.

The initiative is a $25 million commitment over three years that focuses on transforming the accessibility, quality and safety of surgical care in low- and middle-income countries, leading to reductions in maternal and trauma-related mortality and to stronger health systems. Through this initiative, we are shaping the global dialogue on how to approach safe surgery and foster global learning about what works most effectively in improving surgical outcomes. The initiative is being piloted in Ethiopia and will then expand into other countries across Africa and Asia.

DHG is also scaling its skills training and social entrepreneurship programs such as surgical leadership training, biomedical training and oxygen delivery under the Safe Surgery 2020 umbrella.

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