Developing Health: 2015 Highlights

The GE Foundation’s signature programs, Developing Health Globally™ (DHG) and Developing Health (DH), aim to increase access to quality healthcare in underserved communities around the world. These programs are funded and managed by the GE Foundation in collaboration with national ministries of health, public and private health facilities, NGOs and academia.

In 2015, DHG launched its five-year strategic initiative, Safe Surgery 2020, with an initial $25 million commitment to improve surgical capacity, infrastructure and training globally. Safe Surgery 2020 addresses the lack of access to safe surgery for over 5 billion people worldwide by focusing on three core pillars: leadership development; innovation; and elevating ideas.

In the U.S., the GE Foundation announced a $14 million grant supporting Project ECHO, a game-changing care-delivery model that exponentially increases treatment capacity for common but complex conditions in medically underserved areas. Through ECHO, community-based primary care providers train in a specialty area, such as HIV/AIDS or behavioral health, so that they can then provide patients with the specialty care they need in their own communities.

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