GE’s Ecomagination Water Goals

GE has long believed that it is important to manage our own water footprint, using our own technologies where practical. From 2006 through 2014, we reduced our own freshwater use by more than 42%. In February 2014, we updated our water goal to reduce our freshwater use by 20% by 2020, from a 2011 baseline, giving us a new ambitious target to continue our progress in reducing our freshwater use.

Our Results So Far

In 2016, our overall freshwater use at criteria sites[1] was 6.73 billion gallons, a reduction of 29% from our adjusted 2011 baseline*, and represents a 17% decrease from our 2015 freshwater use. With these results, GE has surpassed our 2020 water use goal. This is due to strong focus on our key water-using sites, integration with our operations and governance, and our culture of driving results that matter. During 2017, GE will reevaluate our water priorities with a vision to develop next generation water stewardship principles.


Overall Freshwater Use

Total: 9.45 billion gallons

Once-through Cooling: 5.79 billion gallons


Overall Freshwater Use

Total: 6.73 billion gallons

Once-through Cooling: 3.57 billion gallons

[1] Criteria sites are GE facilities using more than 15 million gallons of freshwater per year. See our water inventory methodology.

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*For water metrics, GE adjusts its 2011 baseline inventory each year to account for divestments and acquisitions. Prior interim years, such as 2015, are not adjusted.