GE Water & Process Technologies continues to invest in making our technologies more robust while reducing the amount of energy required to operate them.

For example, Water & Process Technologies is working on new, advanced membranes that use significantly less pressure to operate. Since wastewater contains high levels of organic contaminants, these new membranes are also designed to tolerate high levels of organics.

We remain committed to the ongoing development of robust water reuse technologies that can be applied for an effective cost to the most challenging industrial and municipal waste streams, while consuming less energy and operating at a greater level of dependability and robustness.

GE Water has also partnered with multinational engineering, consulting and construction firm MWH Global and global investment banking firm Goldman Sachs to promote and advance reuse projects from beginning to end.  We are focusing on the industrial sector and municipal sectors, to demonstrate the potential of water reuse solutions to fulfill water supply needs.

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