• 2016 Sustainability Highlights

    GE’s Approach to Sustainability

  • 2016 Ecomagination Brochure

    Driving results for our customers and society.

  • 2015 Ecomagination Brochure


  • 2016 Annual Report

    See how GE is inventing the next industrial era.

  • 2016 10-K

    GE has transformed 10-K reporting. Read our 2016 10-K here.

  • 2016 GE Integrated Report

    Leading a Digital Industrial Era

  • Sustainability Results 2016

    2016 GE Sustainability Results

  • Past Citizenship Reports

    GE has been reporting on its Citizenship efforts annually since 2005. Download our past reports here.

  • The Spirit and the Letter

    GE’s commitment to perform with integrity is instilled in every employee as a nonnegotiable expectation of behavior. This expectation is guided by our integrity policy, The Spirit & The Letter, and is underscored by an extensive system of policies, processes, training and communications.

  • Simple Reference Guide

    A summary of the most critical elements of The Spirit & The Letter is available as a downloadable two-page Simple Reference Guide, including a simplified Code of Conduct and key "Rules to Remember."