For more than 100 years, the GE Foundation has actively supported efforts to create a high-quality education pipeline for all students.  Through its signature education and skills initiatives – Developing Futures™ and Developing Skills™ – the GE Foundation seeks to empower all 14-24-year-old students to become globally productive citizens by providing access to learning experiences necessary for the workforce of tomorrow and addressing the anticipated global shortfall of 45 million workers in 2020.[1]

In 2005, the GE Foundation launched its signature education initiative, Developing Futures™, a $250 million investment to support the equity and quality in K-12 public education in the U.S.  Together with our partners, the GE Foundation was able to give more students a solid educational foundation for both college and career and the requisite skills to compete successfully in the global economy. Developing Futures™ assisted educators in 43 states and 6 countries, saved districts over $20M, trained 110K teachers, reached over 2000 schools, impacted 1.3M students, and increased student achievement in every district.  This district work was scaled regionally and state-wide.

Building upon the success of Developing Futures™, the GE Foundation launched its Developing Skills™ platform in 2014.  The program seeks to strengthen the economy by narrowing the gap between skills acquisition and the needs of a changing labor market where 65% of the jobs of tomorrow do not currently exist.[2]  Developing Skills™ will help equip individuals with the education, skills and training they need to become employable and meet the demands of a changing global marketplace.   We are committed to building skills to meet critical needs and fill skills gaps domestically and globally.

Developing Skills™ launched with a 2014 grant to Delgado Community College to bridge the education and employment gap in New Orleans and fill critical jobs in the New Orleans Sewage and Water Board. In April 2016, the GE Foundation brought Developing Skills™ to Boston, MA, launching Brilliant Boston, to create a Model of Excellence, by providing opportunities for students to become critical thinkers, innovators, creators, problem solvers and leaders while exploring careers and understanding the skills necessary for future jobs.

Brilliant Boston is working to bridge the gap between education and industry, classroom and career, and the economy of the future and the skills of today.  Through this effort, the GE Foundation has developed the GE Brilliant Career Lab (BCL) – the first-of-its-kind interactive experience and mobile lab that combines experiential learning with career-readiness planning in high-demand STEM fields.  The mobile and virtual ( GE Brilliant Career Labs are bringing students and real world careers together.  They have partnered with pilot schools and non-profits in Boston to create exemplar models at the middle, high school and community college level.  Finally, the GE Foundation is offering workplace learning experiences such as summer internships and job shadow days to Boston high school students.  Collectively, these efforts are preparing students with the skills to become the critical thinkers, problem solvers, and innovators of the future.

The GE Foundation is committed to unlocking endless possibilities for individuals and key industry sectors to make our world a better place.

“The GE Brilliant Career Lab will prepare the students of Boston with the skills to become the critical thinkers, problem solvers, and innovators of the future.” -Boston student

“Learning what can be done in advanced manufacturing with a computer and a robot was eye opening. I didn’t know that machine parts were made that way.” – Atlanta student

“The GE Foundation’s professional development experiences have helped me to improve as a STEM teacher. I have left my comfort zone behind and I am experimenting with new ways to make STEM challenging and engaging. I was not aware of the many STEM careers available, but now I am helping my students see the connection between STEM and careers.” – a New York City educator

“The GE Foundation investment in Delgado Community College changed my life. I now have a degree, skills, a job, and a hope for the future in New Orleans.” -New Orleans Sewage and Water employee


[1] McKinsey Global Institute, 2016 report

[2] U.S. Department of Labor, 2013 report