GE, one of the world’s largest companies and one active in many sectors of the global economy, engages in public policy discussions that impact our Company, our workers and our communities.

GE approaches public policy through education, engagement, involvement and thought leadership. We seek to inform discussions by promoting thoughtful civil discourse grounded in strong, reasoned analysis. We work in partnership with governments, believing that tackling the world’s biggest problems will be possible only if governments and industry work together as partners. Each year, GE evaluates public policy priorities for the upcoming year. The GE team reviews a number of factors, including the potential reputational effects and risks of pursuing or not pursuing a particular priority. We set commercial priorities to increase shareowner value, mindful that our commercial success depends upon progress on broader public policy imperatives.

GE has been actively engaged in discussions about global economic reform in such areas as energy, healthcare, financial services, international trade and investment, tax, data governance, and government procurement. We continue to be committed to engaging with governments—globally, nationally and locally—through constructive dialogue, the promotion of innovative public policy ideas, the formation of novel public-private partnerships, and investments in solutions that can help address the fundamental challenges that confront societies.