As the global economy continues to recover, GE is working to promote public policies that will help ensure stronger growth in the short term and sustained growth in the long term. In particular, GE engages globally on issues such as trade, government procurement, rule of law, data governance, energy, healthcare and financial services. GE seeks to inform policy makers of the practical implications of proposed initiatives, as well as the costs of inaction. While we are pleased that these dialogues are taking place, we remain mindful of the fundamental challenges confronting the U.S. and international economies.

GE’s global public policy commitments include:

  • Open Markets: Promote policies that encourage a “level playing field” in global markets, including trade liberalization, market access and investment protection
  • Technology & Innovation: Promote policies that create and safeguard an enabling environment for technology development and innovation around the world
  • Rule of Law: Support the development and maintenance of the laws and institutions necessary to provide predictability and stability to open markets, with particular emphasis on transparency, procurement rules and dispute resolution

Ultimately, GE believes that governments should enhance the health and education of their citizens, build necessary infrastructure, adopt prudent fiscal and monetary policies, and improve the capacity of their citizens to compete in an increasingly integrated global economy.