A disciplined approach to risk is important in a diversified organization like ours to ensure that we are executing according to our strategic objectives and that we only accept risk for which we are adequately compensated. We evaluate risk at the individual transaction level, and evaluate aggregated risk at the customer, industry, geographic and collateral-type levels, where appropriate.

The GE Board has oversight for risk management with a focus on the most significant risks facing the Company, including strategic, operational, financial and legal and compliance risks. Throughout the year, the Board and the committees to which it has delegated responsibility dedicate a portion of their meetings to review and discuss specific risk topics in greater detail.

The GE Board’s risk oversight process builds upon management’s risk assessment and mitigation processes, which include standardized reviews of long-term strategic and operational planning; executive development and evaluation; compliance under the Company’s The Spirit & The Letter; laws and regulations; the Company’s integrity programs; health, safety and environmental compliance; financial reporting and controllership; and information technology and cybersecurity programs.

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