“Sometimes companies play it safe, defend the status quo or manage momentum. Not GE. We have ambition to lead the next generation of industrial progress

—Jeff Immelt, CEO

At GE, our relentless quest for progress has fueled 130 years of innovation. Today, we’re a Digital Industrial company, building revolutionary new software that uses big data to create brilliant, efficient machines.

No other company has the ability to transfer knowledge across industries like GE. Through the “GE Store,” everyone in our businesses, from Healthcare to Energy, can share and access the same technology, markets, structures and intellect. The outcome? Faster growth, global innovation and a culture of simplification that maximizes results.

The possibilities are infinite. This is just the beginning of how we’re defining the future, which has brought big changes to our culture and how we develop our people.

“We meet our mission by investing in tomorrow’s leaders, a practice rooted in the earliest days of our Company. At Crotonville, our global leadership institute, we advance our evolutionary culture and equip our employees to make the world work better.”

—Jack Ryan, Vice President, Executive Development & Learning

How do our employees deliver on tomorrow?


FastWorks is the way we work. Combining the mindset and speed of an entrepreneur with GE’s scale and resources, it encourages customer focus, experimentation and validation through learning and iterating. FastWorks ensures a constant focus on what matters most to help us deliver better outcomes faster. It is driving GE to be a faster, simpler, adaptive and more customer-driven organization.

GE Beliefs

As technology forever disrupts how the world works, we’re transforming how we work as teams and deliver for our customers. Our new cultural template, called GE Beliefs, encourages acceleration, agility and customer focus. These five beliefs govern everything we do, and set expectations for leadership and performance:

  • Customers determine our success
  • Stay lean to go fast
  • Learn & adapt to win
  • Empower & inspire each other
  • Deliver results in an uncertain world

Performance Development

“The world isn’t really on an annual cycle anymore for anything.”

—Susan Peters, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

The annual performance review doesn’t cut it in today’s fast-paced working environment. Through GE’s agile Performance Development approach, employees can give or request personalized insights at any time, providing managers with a more accurate line of sight into performance, increasing in-the-moment learning and driving better results. An ongoing focus on employee development means better performance and greater impact for customers.

Our New Headquarters

Today, GE is a $130-billion high-tech, global, digital industrial company, one that is leading the digital transformation of industry. We want to be at the center of an ecosystem that shares our aspirations, which is why we’ve relocated our headquarters to Boston, a center for hi-tech innovation and talent. Home to over 3,000 start-ups and 55 colleges and universities, the Greater Boston area attracts many of the world’s brightest minds in technology. To solve the future’s biggest challenges, we’re committed to working with the best people.