The emergence of digital technologies is increasing productivity across business and industrial operations and offering new tools to address global environmental challenges. The potential impact of Digital Efficiency is significant. In a hypothetical scenario where just a handful of digital solutions are scaled across key industries including power, lighting, aviation, railways, and ground transportation, GE estimated we could return $81 billion to businesses in annual cost savings, while avoiding up to 823 million metric tons (Mt) of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

Solution Highlight
Digital Wind Farm

The Digital Wind Farm has two key parts: a modular, 2-megawatt wind turbine that can be easily customized for specific locations, and software that can monitor and optimize the wind farm as it generates electricity. The technology could boost a wind farm’s energy production by as much as 20%, and could create $100 million in extra value over the lifetime of a 100-megawatt farm. That value will come from building the right farm in the right place and then using data to produce predictable power and further optimize the farm’s performance.

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