We’ve partnered with like-minded companies to co-create and commercialize transformative solutions for reducing emissions and improving efficiency. With groundbreaking technology, we will lead a new era of industry and establish a network of problem-solvers. Our partners include Intel, Total, Statoil and Walmart. With our collective scale and reach, we will have significant business and environmental impact, and inspire others to act.

In addition to commercial partnerships, Ecomagination has led 10 open innovation challenges over the past seven years, bringing together talent from around the world to address issues including water reuse, energy cost, and intelligent energy-efficient lighting.

Smart LED Pilot with Intel

In 2016, Intel and Ecomagination worked on a pilot to create intelligent LED lights capable of collecting temperature data from locations near a turbine assembly stand in Greenville, SC. The team worked with Tata Consultancy Services to build a Predix app that connects the intelligent LEDs in the factory to the cloud and provides data visualization and analytics for the project.

The system would make it possible to analyze temperatures at various points on the metal turbine parts as they are assembled and while they cool, allowing employees to know when it’s safe to continue working with the components.

The pilot could save weeks of rework and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Industry accounts for 33% of the world’s energy consumption. Saving energy in manufacturing could mean a major boost for the environment.

Ecomagination and California State University Hackathon

GE Ecomagination and the California State University system partnered in a “hackathon” in 2016 to challenge students to develop a sustainable campus application using GE’s Predix platform. The top prize went to CSU Fullerton for its app Titan Power. The app uses a monitoring system to help reduce carbon emissions, manage power consumption and reduce costs on campus.