Our Ecomagination solution portfolio helps us deliver economic and environmental benefits to our customers. The products span the GE portfolio, including hardware and software applications. The portfolio currently totals 74 solutions.

Product Highlights
LV5+ 1500 Solar Inverter

Silicon Carbide (SiC) enables more efficient solar inverters. GE’s LV5+ Solar Inverter has an efficiency rating of 99% EU which allows for higher annual energy production as compared to today’s traditional inverters. Higher part-load efficiency of LV5+ Solar Inverters helps to produce more energy even in regions with suboptimal irradiation profiles.

Digital Power Plant

The Digital Power Plant is a suite of technologies that can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving the performance and efficiency of coal-fired steam power plants. It has the potential to deliver 1.5% more efficiency through software, and that in turn will drive CO2 emissions reduction of up to 3% and NOX and SOX emissions cuts of 10% to 15%.


The LEAP engine was developed to power the next generation of single-aisle commercial jets. It delivers a 15% improvement in fuel consumption, compared to today’s best CFM56 engines, and maintains the same level of dispatch reliability and life-cycle maintenance costs.

9HA Gas Turbine

GE Power’s 9HA Gas Turbine is the world’s largest and most efficient heavy-duty gas turbine. The economies of scale created by this high-power-density gas turbine, combined with its more than 62% combined-cycle efficiency, enable the most cost-effective conversion of fuel to electricity to help operators meet increasing power demands.