For more than two years, GE healthymagination has worked collaboratively with GE Healthcare, GE Ventures and GE’s Global Research Center, along with a plethora of external stakeholders, to advance brain health initiatives around the world.

Under GE healthymagination, the Company has worked to convene the traumatic brain injury community through its GE-NFL-Under Armour Head Health Initiative, a $60 million open innovation challenge to develop both next-generation imaging technology and to provide better devices to diagnosis and protect against traumatic brain injury.

Healthymagination is also addressing critical public policy needs in neuroscience through its “Brain Trust” meetings to convene thought leaders to address challenges to advancing brain health research and development. GE recently convened a range of partners across healthcare, industry, education, research and government at its Global Brain Trust event to discuss the most pressing opportunities for the future of brain health. The leaders explored in great depth their shared ambitions to establish a coordinated International Brain Initiative, laying the foundations for a new, dedicated global platform which will catalyze scientists, funders and policy makers to advance innovation for this important global health issue.