GE reports annually on our sustainability approach and progress with a focus on those areas most relevant to GE’s overarching business strategy and identified as important by our employees, customers, and other stakeholders. This website is the primary channel for communicating the alignment between our long-term sustainability strategy and current initiatives, which includes assessment of our own operations, the impact of customers’ use of our products, and the difference we and our partners make in communities around the world.

Providing relevant and timely information about our sustainability strategy and progress to stakeholders inside and outside of GE enables us to gather feedback on our performance and evolve our strategies as needed. Input from customers, government bodies, NGOs, academics, investors, and other partners helps us identify issues and topics of highest concern.  Learn more about GE’s Sustainable Priorities.

Each year, GE also publishes a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) index with links to the wide range of data requested under the GRI G4 reporting framework. Our Sustainability Priorities, identified in this report, helped guide us in this process.

The index for 2016 performance can be found here. GE’s reporting process has long been informed by GRI and we anticipate utilizing the new GRI Standards as a reference tool beginning next year.

In addition to the metrics and progress found on this site, we provide real-time updates through GE’s social media platforms, including on Twitter at @ecomagination@GE_Foundation and @GE_Reports.