With nearly a century of commitment to the region, GE is driving socioeconomic growth and development in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (MENAT) through long-term, in-country public-private partnerships. GE emphasizes innovation and technological advancements, concentrating on the pressing challenges the region faces in energy, transportation, finance, and health and home.

The impact GE makes on the communities in which we live and work is substantial. GE powers two-thirds of the region’s electricity; 90% of hospitals in the Middle East are equipped with GE technologies; GE and its joint ventures help fly two-thirds of the region; and GE has partnered with more than 25 universities and educational organizations across the region to support talent growth and development. GE’s commitment to compliance and corporate social responsibility extends to employees, suppliers and communities wherever we conduct business.

Our Most Important Investment

Continuing the Company’s 130-year history of successful development in human capital around the globe, GE MENAT has steadily expanded knowledge-sharing initiatives in the region. More than 500 regional employees to date have experienced a variety of GE’s world-renowned Crotonville leadership courses.

One example of GE’s focus on leadership and training is the recently launched LAB (Leadership Acceleration for Business) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). LAB is a learning center engaged in cutting-edge business education and leadership, and leverages GE’s Crotonville leadership curriculum. The courses, designed for executive and emerging leaders, focus on subjects ranging from strategic thinking, operational excellence and innovation to manager development, financial basics, project management and business simulation.

The Company also awards hundreds of annual scholarships—GE Star Awards—to eligible children of GE employees and retirees. The award is given to graduating seniors embarking on a four-year university career, and the MENAT region is proud to be home to several award recipients over the past few years.

Leadership Programs

Last year, MENAT employees attended more than 10,000 days of training. Courses are available for all employees at all levels, across the businesses and functions. We also have more than 100 employees in training programs that are preparing them to be 21st-century leaders, including the Financial Management Program, the Experienced Commercial Leadership Program, the Human Resources Leadership Program, the Communications Leadership Development Program and the Commercial Leadership Program. The graduates of these programs take on leadership positions in the company once their programs end, contributing to a diverse, experienced talent base. And to continue building our pipeline of local talent—in the region, for the region—GE has partnered with more than 25 universities and educational organizations across MENAT.

GE Women’s Network

GE in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey has active Women’s Network hubs in Algeria, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

All follow the global Women’s Network vision of accelerating the advancement of women at GE by cultivating their leadership skills, business practices, contacts and career opportunities. By enabling women to share individual experiences, information and exposure, the Women’s Network helps develop the leadership skills and career-advancement opportunities needed to drive GE’s success.

The Women’s Network has five priorities:

  • Enhance women’s professional growth by providing information on coaching, career paths, flexibility and role models
  • Develop new and existing commercial talent
  • Foster the retention and promotion of women in technology and engineering
  • Improve GE’s ability to attract, develop and retain diverse women
  • Cultivate the leadership competencies that reflect GE’s focus on growth
  • In MENAT today, there are more than 650 women voluntarily involved in the Women’s Network, and the number continues to grow.

GE Volunteers

For more than a century, volunteerism has been a vibrant part of GE’s culture, as both an individual employee activity and as an organizational effort. We coordinate our resources—including products, matching gifts, grants and people—to create responses tailored to local and individual challenges. Today, the ultimate measure of GE’s business is the improvements in the lives of people touched by our work. Our employees volunteer more than 1 million hours of community service every year.

In the MENAT region, there are GE Volunteers councils in Algeria, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. A few of their activities are highlighted below.

Tackling the Trash in the UAE

Over 60 GE employees and 30 of their peers from partner and customer organizations joined a springtime desert clean-up at a settlement between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, making a visible impact on the community and its residents. A collective 270 hours of service were logged to remove 190 bags of trash, totaling more than a ton. The waste will be disposed of responsibly by environmental solutions provider Averda, with 330 pounds going to regional recycling centers.

Spreading Diabetes Awareness in Kuwait

The MENAT region has seen a growing incidence of lifestyle disease over the last several years. To spread awareness of one such disease, diabetes, the Kuwaiti chapter of GE Volunteers participated in an event at the Dasman Diabetes Institute in Kuwait City. GE Volunteers participated in an educational session, helping nearly 60 students aged 8–10 years to learn about the disease and its spread, and how to stay healthy. The group donated GE pedometers to each of the children to help them track their daily steps, and also donated a signed children’s book about diabetes to be placed in the institute’s library.

An Appreciation of the Arts In Turkey

Ensuring that the arts are a part of education has been found to lead to dynamic, well-rounded, creative thinkers. With that in mind, GE Volunteers in Turkey recently took 23 children from Tuzla Gençlik Merkezi (Tuzla Youth Center) to “Theatre with Children” for an afternoon lunch and day of fun. Both the volunteers and the kids had a fantastic, rewarding experience!

Creating a Culture of Safety in Qatar

GE Volunteers recently held a number of Family Safety Awareness classes at Park House English School in Doha, Qatar. The activity spanned 15 classes, spreading knowledge about the importance of staying safe at home and at school to more than 375 children aged 4–9 years. The activity included exercises from a GE-created coloring book, as well as questions and answers from the children and teachers. The successful program will be rolled out in a number of schools across Qatar over the next year.


In 2005, GE launched ecomagination to address critical challenges, including the need for cleaner and more efficient energy, emissions reductions, and increased availability of clean water.

Since then, we’ve been using our unique energy, technology, manufacturing and infrastructure capabilities to develop solutions. GE’s ecomagination products and services are finding increasing application in the MENAT region’s aviation, energy, oil and gas, water, and transportation sectors —promoting energy- and water-use efficiencies in a region with scarce resources and also challenged by an exponential growth in demand.

Among the key applications of GE’s ecomagination products in MENAT are the use of GE’s advanced GE90-115B and GEnx jet engines by the region’s leading airlines. GE products, such as leading-edge wind turbines, photovoltaic cells, and Jenbacher engines, are used by industrial customers and municipalities in Jordan, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Also in use in the oil and gas sector are Dry Low NOx (DLN) installations at GASCO, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, that reduce nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx), as well as GE’s Hot Gas Expanders. These help refineries recover waste-process gas to generate power and avoid carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with power generation, consequently contributing to increased revenues or lower energy costs.


Improving the healthcare of the planet’s population is another cause about which GE is passionate. Healthymagination is GE’s commitment to promoting better health for more people at lower cost. GE is reaching more people through innovation and strategic partnerships focused on identifying the biggest challenges facing healthcare consumers and providers and on showcasing how our technology and expertise can help.

Healthymagination Fights Breast Cancer in Saudi Arabia

GE’s strategic partnership with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health (MOH) is a model application of healthymagination working in the real world. Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases in the nation, and nearly 70% of women diagnosed are already at an advanced stage by the time they visit a doctor. In order to build awareness for early detection, GE and the Saudi Arabian MOH have partnered to launch a breast cancer screening program that seeks to screen thousands of women in 2012–2013. The program consists of awareness promotions, screenings and after-care, ensuring that Saudi women understand the dangers of the disease and can easily take steps to be screened and, if necessary, treated.

This first-of-its-kind comprehensive program is offering the full spectrum of healthcare practices for breast cancer, giving the women of Saudi Arabia a fighting chance against the disease. The initiative is part of our larger commitment to healthymagination in the Kingdom, backed by an memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed by the Saudi Ministry of Health and GE Chief Marketing Officer Beth Comstock.

GE currently has more than 4,600 employees in the MENAT region’s 21 countries, supporting growing regional economies. Employees represent more than 65 nationalities and all GE businesses, including GE Oil & Gas, GE Power & Water, GE Energy Management, GE Aviation, GE Healthcare, GE Home & Business Solutions, GE Capital and GE Transportation. Over the last several years, GE MENAT has experienced double-digit employee growth and has opened numerous new facilities.

In the energy sector, the GE Manufacturing Technology Center (GEMTEC), in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, will support 2,000 GE jobs and the creation of even more ancillary industry jobs around one of the nation’s most industrial hubs. The center reflects GE’s commitment to help power the Saudi Arabian economy and to transfer specialized skills geared at addressing the region’s growing needs. The training center at GEMTEC offers the latest technology and managerial courses for college students, field engineers and other power-industry professionals throughout the region.

In Doha, Qatar, the GE Advanced Technology and Research Center (GEATRC) has doubled its employee strength since its inauguration, driving local research and development while helping to address aviation, energy and healthcare issues around the globe. Also in Qatar, through the partnership between GE Energy and Al Farraj Trading and Manufacturing, GE has created 150 new jobs at our Doha-based manufacturing plant, which provides GE electrical equipment assembly and supply services for key Middle Eastern countries.

Reinforcing the economic diversification of the United Arab Emirates, GE supports industry customers such as Dubai Aluminium (DUBAL) and Emirates Aluminium (EMAL), which manages the world’s largest single-site aluminum processing complex and the UAE’s largest industrial project. GE is delivering long-term services to EMAL, providing advanced fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly F-technology turbines while helping reduce EMAL’s carbon footprint using GE’s Dry Low NOx (DLN) technology turbines, significantly reducing nitrogen dioxide (NOx) emissions during operation.

GE is also an active partner in Egypt, having been in that nation for more than four decades. Understanding Egypt’s importance to the political, social and economic stability of the region, U.S. Senator John McCain and GE Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt recently led a delegation of elected officials and business leaders to the country to discuss how companies and the government can come together to energize economic growth and development. Out of their sessions came a multitude of actions, including the importance of laying the foundations for a modern and advanced supply chain that drives integrated development. Following the initial visit, Senator McCain and others, along with GE MENAT President and CEO Nabil Habayeb, participated in the inaugural Egypt Supplier Conference, “Supply Chain Opportunities: A Partnership for Egypt and the U.S.” During the conference, GE highlighted the potential of the manufacturing sector, and how companies can come together to re-energize economic growth and development in Egypt, as well as contributing to localization.