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GE Sustainability Highlights 2013

Highlights from GE's 2013 Sustainability reporting.

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Helping improve the way the world works.

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As a 130-year-old technology company, sustainability is embedded in our culture and our business strategy. Working to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges inspires our thinking and drives our actions. We are committed to finding sustainable solutions to benefit the planet, its people and the economy.

  • A Letter from the CEO


    To succeed as a global business, we need to help build the communities where we operate. We know this goes hand in hand with our ability to grow. At GE,

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  • Sustainability at GE


    We have worked hard to “operationalize” sustainability at GE. It is embedded in core initiatives such as ecomagination, healthymagination and our governance processes led by teams with deep subject matter expertise.

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Sustainability Highlights

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  • Building Things That Matter
  • Enabling Progress

Our People

GE is a “We Company,” not a “Me Company."



At GE, we believe health is the most valuable thing on earth.


GE Volunteers

Good people doing great things.


Supply Chain

Suppliers are critical partners in GE’s value chain.


Integrity & Compliance

GE infuses compliance and governance into every aspect of its business.


Energy and Climate

Energy and climate are two of our most important business challenges.


Human Rights

Respect for human rights is both a responsibility and a sound business strategy.


Health & Safety

GE aggressively safeguards the health and safety of its employees.

Health & Safety


GE sees the importance of achieving water efficiency across our portfolio of businesses.


Public Policy

GE approaches public policy through education, engagement, involvement and thought leadership.