Optimizing energy use is a key pillar in achieving our 2020 Ecomagination goals. GE facilities have several tools available to identify opportunities and manage energy consumption; among them are Energy Treasure Hunts, GE’s Brilliant Factory initiative and energy use analytics.

We continue to use the Energy Treasure Hunt process, leveraged from Toyota, to identify projects that drive efficiency in our operations. Treasure Hunts are normally run by diverse people in GE’s businesses, and we’ve shared this approach with our customers and suppliers. Since GE adopted the Ecomagination Treasure Hunt approach in 2006, we have implemented more than 2,000 energy-efficiency and greenhouse gas projects. Cumulatively, we estimate that these projects have saved $480 million and have reduced greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions by more than 5.2 million metric tons of CO2 equivalents. During 2016, more than 100 projects that optimize energy use were completed across GE’s global operations, projected to save more than $4 million annually. In addition to Treasure Hunts, businesses routinely engage in identifying projects that would reduce energy and GHG emissions for the purpose of making business-efficiency improvements.

To further integrate energy management into our processes, 13 GE sites have achieved ISO 50001 certification and 120 energy audits have been conducted at facilities across Europe since 2015, identifying cost savings opportunities and helping to comply with the EU energy efficiency directive. Opportunities identified included: upgrades in building systems such as LED lighting, controls and measurement; interior climate control; heat recovery and insulation; compressed air efficiencies; and manufacturing process optimization.

While GE has made great progress, we know that our work is not done. We continue to develop, implement and spread technologies to further reduce GE’s CO2 emissions and energy use profile.

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