GE is proving renewable energy drives success in both our products and in our own operations.
By launching solar systems in our sites and with customers, deploying hybrid power and becoming a leader in wind power, Ecomagination continues to reduce costs and emissions.

Current, powered by GE, is revolutionizing the way businesses think about energy from the socket to the grid. Providing energy solutions such as LED and connected lighting, energy management systems and on-site solar power, we can reduce energy bills for customers in commercial and industrial sectors. In 2016, Current’s GE Solar team launched 15 solar power projects for GE operations with a total capacity of nearly 16 MW. In one example, our GE Healthcare site in Florence, South Carolina installed 1,700 kW of ground mounted solar which will produce over 2,400,000 kWh annually at a discount to retail. Over the lifetime of the system, the facility is expected to save nearly $900,000 while powering the campus with cleaner energy.

As the GE Solar team delivers solar solutions to businesses and cities all over the U.S., it also looks closely to deploy solar where land is underused such as a municipal brownfield site in Wallkill, New York. The 2.4 MW solar system was built on a capped landfill that had been idle for 25 years. Over the 20-year lifespan of the project, the power provided to the town of Wallkill will provide $2 million in energy cost savings and produce about 3 million kWh of electricity per year.

GE Solar helped repurpose a brownfield site in Wallkill, New York

In Europe, renewable energy is also coming online for our operations. When GE Aviation built a new Hamble, UK production building in 2015 over 1,100 m2 of on-site solar was installed; during 2016, the system generated 195MWh. In Berlin, Germany, GE Power installed 600 kW of on-site solar and implemented GE’s first hybrid power plant with battery storage and a combined heat and power system. GE Germany now procures approximately 50% of its consumption from renewable sources.

In the use of our products, GE is fast becoming an equipment leader in offshore wind. GE supplied the turbines for the Block Island Wind Farm in Rhode Island, America’s first offshore wind farm. The Block Island Wind Farm went into commercial operation at the end of 2016 and will use five 6-MW GE Haliade turbines to generate 30 MW of power, enough to produce around 125,000 MWh of electricity, meeting 90% of Block Island’s electricity demand. Also in August 2016, GE reached an agreement to supply Haliade turbines for the 396 MW Merkur offshore wind farm project, located in the North Sea, which will generate enough power for 500,000 homes. When completed it will become one of Germany’s largest wind farms.

GE has long believed that renewable energy has an important role to play in meeting growing energy needs around the world. Through a strong commitment to investments in innovation GE has grown into one of the largest renewable energy technology and service providers in the world.

Learn more about GE’s renewable energy solutions at GE Renewables and GE Solar.