GE’s Water & Process Technologies business provides technologies that conserve, clean, recycle and reuse water, and make more water available.

This portfolio allows municipalities and industrial customers to reuse wastewater for additional purposes, such as agricultural and landscape irrigation, and other non-potable uses such as boiler feed water or cooling tower makeup water. This can further reduce the amount of freshwater required. We are constantly enhancing current products, and we are developing new, even more advanced technologies to help meet water-use challenges.

Since industrial use is a large part of freshwater consumption, we help our industrial customers solve their water and process challenges, with a focus on providing products and services for their most tough-to-treat situations. Every day, we are innovating and developing economically viable, energy-efficient water treatment and reuse technologies to ensure sustainable use of water in power generation and other industrial sectors, such as mining, unconventional fuels, refining, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and steel production.

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