General Electric’s Disaster and Humanitarian Relief program responds to major global disasters and humanitarian crises, drawing on GE’s people, technology and other resources to reduce suffering and hasten recovery. In 2016, financial contributions in this area totaled more than $925,000. Additionally, the GE Foundation’s Matching Gifts program enabled employees to contribute to crisis relief efforts in their local communities, doubling their impact by matching their donations 1-to-1.

Some examples of our work in 2016 include:

  • GE and the GE Foundation committed more than $900,000 to helping support Hurricane Matthew relief efforts in Haiti. The GE Foundation granted a total of $500,000 to Americares and the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation, both of which provided direct, on-the-ground relief to those in need. Other GE relief efforts included grants from GE Capital to aid organizations, including Hope for Haiti, Airlink, and Team Rubicon. GE Water also provided funds for water filtration equipment to address the lack of potable drinking water in affected regions. The Global Growth Organization of Latin America donated $50,000 to deploy two “Clinics In A Can,”1 customized freestanding shipping containers outfitted to deliver immediate medical care.
  • The GE Foundation sponsored a “Zika Hackathon” to develop new solutions to address the spread of the Zika virus and related outbreaks. More than 150 global health experts and innovators joined forces and gathered at Massachusetts General Hospital to create new technologies, business models, and process innovations to transform prevention, diagnosis and care in resource-limited settings. A total of $4,000 was awarded to four teams whose innovations directly addressed challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean related to the Zika epidemic and other vector-borne diseases.


GE continues to collaborate with private-sector partners, government agencies and relevant NGOs to help prepare for future disasters and to work on the initiatives within the Global Health Security Agenda.

GE remains committed to preparing for and responding to future natural disasters and humanitarian crises, diligently maximizing the impact of our financial, technological and human resources.