GE employees engage with public officials at all levels of government—local, state and federal. Employees educate officials on our Company’s operations, emerging technologies and markets, as well as on our views on public policy issues. All advocacy done by GE employees on pending U.S. legislation is included in our Lobbying Disclosure Act filings.

GE conducts lobbying activities in compliance with applicable laws and regulations governing such activities. In the U.S., certain communications with federal, state and/or local government officials or government employees may be reportable as lobbying communications included in GE’s Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA) reports and/or state or local lobbying disclosure reports. Certain countries outside the U.S. may also require disclosure of lobbying activities. Before engaging in lobbying activities, employees are asked to contact the Vice President of Government Affairs & Policy; the Vice President and Senior Counsel, Global Government Affairs & Policy; or their designee. GE regularly trains employees on what types of activities and communications constitute reportable lobbying activities. Prior approval from the Vice President, Government Affairs & Policy or the Vice President and Senior Counsel, Global Government Affairs & Policy is required before GE may retain an outside entity to engage in lobbying activities.

As part of its oversight role in public policy and corporate social responsibility, the Governance and Public Affairs Committee (GPAC) of the Board of Directors receives and reviews, semiannually, reports on the Company’s lobbying expenses.  GE uses the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) method to report its lobbying expenses in its federal Form LD-2 lobbying report filed each calendar quarter.  Under this method, expenses related to state legislative lobbying in all 50 states are included in GE’s total lobbying expense reported each quarter and reviewed semiannually by GPAC.

In limited circumstances, when an issue is of particular strategic importance, the Company may use advertisements or other public communications to urge support for specific legislation or public policy. These expenses are also included in our Lobby Disclosure Act filings.

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