Societies with predictable and transparent legal institutions and processes engender confidence, investment and growth. GE works actively to support stronger rule of law around the world. Key areas of focus include anticorruption; legal and administrative transparency and predictability; independent judiciaries; transparency and competitiveness in public procurement; and fair and effective dispute resolution. GE, our employees and the GE Foundation have supported numerous programs to achieve these goals.

In 2016 the GE Foundation continued its support for Partners Global to develop the next generation of African social entrepreneurs.  The program was also expanded to include the Middle East. GE Foundation also continued to support the International Business Leader’s Forum in its work supporting transparency and competitiveness in public procurement in Russia. The GE Foundation has funded the International Mediation Institute (IMI) to help build mediation capacity in two ways: (1) to advance an international convention on the enforcement of mediated settlement agreements under the auspices of the UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), and (2) establishing competency criteria and a certification system for investor-state mediators. Both programs are strategically significant. By supporting public agencies to develop the use of mediation in their disputes, and by publishing articles on investor-state mediation and the use of mediation in UN conflicts, IMI helps to further promote and encourage the use of mediation worldwide.

GE continues to take a leadership role within the B20 Working Group on Improving Transparency and Anticorruption, working to foster cooperation among business communities and governments in G20 countries in the global fight against corruption. In addition to these activities, GE regularly raises rule-of-law issues with regional bodies, such as the Americas Competitiveness Forum and the Asia-Pacific Economic Forum (APEC), to encourage regulatory reform and harmonization as well as the establishment of regional programs to promote rule of law.