The global drive to increase standards of living creates opportunities for GE to employ our expertise and technology for building cleaner energy systems, enabling better health outcomes and developing efficient transportation infrastructure especially in emerging markets. With more than 80 years of experience in emerging markets, GE understands the need to provide solutions that are technologically advanced and locally appropriate.

Most countries want similar things—competitive advantages that create jobs, instill pride and enable progress that lifts all people up. They want to tap into the global marketplace for progress, ideas and economic growth. GE strives to be an excellent partner in all of those aspects. A key element of these partnerships is assisting countries in improving their business framework to increase transparency and credibility, reduce corruption and ensure that they are making the right long-term investments.

To that end, GE has a multifaceted strategy:

  1. Integrity and compliance programs that apply to our own operations in all locations.
  1. Issue identification programs to identify special risks in specific countries or regions, with clear responsibilities placed on operational leaders, with the support of the Global Growth Organization and corporate teams, to manage those risks and ensure frontline employees have the right training and tools to work with integrity.
  1. Supplier responsibility programs that include guidance, training and auditing for fair, safe and healthy work conditions and to uphold compliant environmental standards.
  1. Public policy partnerships to help countries strengthen a rule of law approach and enhance the health and education of their citizens, build necessary trade-related infrastructure, adopt prudent fiscal and monetary policies and improve the capacity of their citizens to compete in an increasingly integrated global economy.
  2. Programs to manage compliance and ethical risks associated with countries of concern. As an example, GE is now beginning to reengage with Cuba, as permitted by authorization under US law.
  1. Volunteer programs to harness the power of GE employees and retirees to help build and improve communities around the world. In 2016 GE employees volunteered more than 455,000 hours, while each of 269 GE volunteer councils is a driving force that keeps the spirit of volunteerism alive around the globe.

We know we need to invest, build and lead in the markets where we operate—both global and local. We are making significant investments in research and development, supply chain excellence and local leadership development around the world—all to ensure we have the right people in the right places empowered to act effectively and with integrity.