We believe that our people are our most powerful catalyst for growth and innovation.

By investing in our employees, we not only build careers, we drive progress. Because when one person grows, we all grow—and together, we all rise. As a result of this commitment, GE invests more than $1 billion each year in employee development worldwide.

GE Crotonville, our global leadership institute, is at the forefront of contemporary thinking in leadership, strategy and innovation. Founded in 1956, it was the first corporate university in the U.S. and is the epicenter of GE culture.

Today, Crotonville is focused on delivering learning opportunities that are comprehensive and customized, advancing the vision of a “Classroom of One”—where every GE employee, no matter where they are based, can engage in continuous learning with a personalized curriculum to develop unique strengths, own their leadership journey and build a powerful, meaningful career.

Crotonville embodies the promise of career-long learning at GE. Our broad curriculum of leadership experiences and skills courses around the globe, world-renowned leadership development programs, functional learning courses, and digital learning opportunities offers employees professional and personal growth at every career stage. We create learning experiences that are global, local, personal, digital and—above all—transformational.

We also provide employees with extensive on-the-job development opportunities—including challenging “stretch” assignments, coaching, executive visibility, and performance development—fully integrated into our operating rhythm.

We believe ideas that serve society are the most valuable currency. It’s our way of looking at the world, our way of envisioning leadership, our way of maximizing human capital to meet human needs, and it inspires us to make the world work better.

Promoting Learning & Leadership Across the Globe

Crotonville offers leadership development opportunities at more than 200 locations in 50 countries, including our campus in New York; our global learning centers in Munich, Shanghai, Bengaluru, and Rio de Janeiro; as well as at GE sites and other locations anywhere in the world.

Sustainability: Leading by Example at Our Crotonville Campus

GE and its employees are committed to imagining and building innovative solutions to address today’s environmental and social challenges while driving economic growth. Through healthymagination, our initiative to increase quality healthcare that is accessible to more people at lower prices, and Ecomagination, our program to address environmental issues, we are working to build a better future. GE employees around the world learn to operate safely with the highest standards of integrity while applying technology and expertise to provide better outcomes for our customers.

All Crotonville employees participate in Crotonville’s onsite Energy-Reduction program, and we strive to provide participants with a range of best-practice examples and ideas, communications, case studies and Leader-in-Residence discussions. Learn more about Crotonville’s Ecomagination efforts.

Sustainability is an important theme in several of our leadership experiences. In 2016, our Manager Development Course (MDC) partnered with NYCares, refurbishing parks, playgrounds and schools throughout the New York City area. The project provided hundreds of GE leaders with the opportunity to meet immediate local needs and support long-term community vitality through the improvement of shared spaces.

“I learned a lesson in mindfulness from a fellow participant that changed the way I look at the world. He ran a successful GE business, and was a leader in his community as well as his field. There were countless demands on his time, yet he was never distracted. In class, he was always clear, focused, thoughtful. It went far beyond concentration—he was one of the most present people I ever met. I reflected on what he was able to accomplish—and what I, too, might achieve if I could rise to that same level of clarity and purpose. That’s what Crotonville teaches you. It puts you in touch with yourself, with others, with the environment. It opens your mind to the untold potential of human connection. It teaches you that transformation can happen every day, and that you must be part of the solution.”
Participant, Manager Development Course (MDC)