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GE Sustainability Highlights 2013

Highlights from GE's 2013 Sustainability reporting.

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Materiality Analysis

Sustainability at GE

Panel Commentary

Advisory Panel Perspective

As a 130-year-old technology company, sustainability is embedded in GE’s culture and our business strategy. We all know that the world faces significant challenges: For many, fuel, water, food and raw materials are already in short supply, yet the need and aspirations for more goods and services are growing. Communities need to build resilient infrastructures in order to prosper, as well as access infrastructure such as transportation that moves people and products, power that energizes them, and healthcare to cure people. All of this requires innovation to reduce cost (including the environmental cost), improve quality, and provide access to the products, services and jobs needed for a better life. These needs closely align with GE’s business strategy, and working to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges inspires our thinking and drives our actions. On this website, we describe our work to make a difference in the way we operate our business, in the marketplace, and through our broader involvement in society.