GE Ventures, Healthcare, offers capital, technical and commercial expertise to help our portfolio companies scale. We are working to be the global partner of choice for disruptive healthcare solutions.

We invest in entrepreneurs and companies to accelerate innovation and make quality healthcare more accessible and affordable. Two 2016 portfolio companies are:


HealthReveal is a healthcare technology company whose mission is to preempt the avoidable consequences of chronic disease.

Approximately $850 billion, or 80%, of healthcare costs per year are due to the treatment of chronic disease. Rather than emphasizing the efficient management of patients with established disease, HealthReveal’s mission is to preempt the transition from being at risk for a disease to having that disease, yielding an unprecedented opportunity to reduce healthcare costs and give people longer, healthier lives.

HealthReveal partners with leading providers, payers and employers to enable them to detect the onset of potentially life-threatening health issues and intervene before an adverse event occurs. The company has developed a next-generation, cloud-based, clinical analytics solution, harnessing the power of evidence-based medicine as a foundation for machine learning.

The HealthReveal solution continually monitors and analyzes patient physiology and care by integrating multiple real-time streams of clinical, operational and biometric data to ensure adherence to evidence-based care guidelines by clinicians and patients. When data suggest that the patient’s care has deviated from those guidelines, HealthReveal suggests immediate and highly personalized interventions to optimize care and reduce the risk of adverse medical events.

HealthReveal has the potential to transform our ability to combat chronic disease. This is an exciting opportunity to combine personalized digital information with a business model that allows patients and their doctors to make better and earlier decisions to preserve and maintain their health. HealthReveal’s management team has succeeded in this area before, and now has more advanced tools to execute at an even higher level.


Arterys is the first company to achieve FDA clearance for a cloud-based medical imaging solution that draws on deep learning.

The company’s goal is to accelerate the transition to data-driven medicine. Starting with medical imaging, Arterys provides physicians with much more complete, quantified information about a patient’s condition.

Today, quantification of images is performed manually, which is labor-intensive and time-consuming, so it is often skipped. Clinically, this translates into diagnostic decisions that are based mostly on visual assessments, resulting in unacceptably high variability. This makes tracking of disease especially difficult. As a result, 30% of medical imaging cases are misread.

Arterys is building software that provides timely, automated and consistent image quantification. We achieve speed and accuracy by leveraging distributed cloud computation and advanced analytics, including artificial intelligence techniques. Once images can be consistently and reliably quantified, we can accurately track the many conditions assessed via imaging, and create far better data-driven treatment pathways. With Arterys’s system, the medical images are sent to the cloud (without any confidential patient information), where they are processed and quantified. Using a Web browser, a physician can review and analyze the case from anywhere in the world. With these tools, Arterys has already demonstrated both efficiency gains and improvements in accuracy and consistency.

Arterys’s first products, Arterys Cardio DLTM and Arterys 4DFlow, provide clinicians with the most comprehensive, quantified cardiac exams today. Both are FDA-cleared and CE-marked.

With Cardio DL, Arterys automatically quantifies cardiac function (the volume of blood a ventricle pumps in a single heart beat), a task that until now has been performed manually. The manual process is extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive, and has hindered the adoption of cardiac MRI. With 4D flow, Arterys adds the capability of accurately measuring blood flow anywhere in the heart and its surrounding vessels, something that has been unavailable until today.

Arterys is currently developing other cardiovascular products, and is also entering the oncology space, where accurate tracking of disease progression and treatment response is critically important, yet not easily done today.