Dedicated to innovation in infrastructure, healthcare, energy and transportation, GE Africa is committed to leadership, integrity, partnership and human progress. GE businesses, spanning Oil & Gas, Power & Water, Energy Management, Transportation, Aviation, Capital and Healthcare, all have operations in Africa. Major locations include Angola, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

GE Kujenga is our sustainability program in Africa. The word kujenga means “build” in Swahili, and GE is a partner in building Africa’s sustainable future. Our approach is to empower people by building valuable skills and equipping communities with new tools and technology, and to elevate ideas that are helping to address Africa’s challenges.

At GE, we are committed to Africa’s sustainable development operating under GE’s hallmarks of responsible leadership and operational excellence. Embodying kujenga means that while we run our businesses, we also ensure that we are making a difference—creating value for societies in ways that also support the Company’s business strategy. As our presence in Africa grows, so does our effort to be responsible citizens in the community.



GE is committed to empowering the communities in which it operates by providing skills training and developing leaders. As a major employer in Africa, it is vital that we collaborate with local institutions to develop strong workforces and create opportunities for further growth. At GE, we know that empowering local communities not only benefits local stakeholders, but also contributes to our overall objective of building stronger markets. By investing in people, we are ultimately investing in this continent.

How We Empower

We work to empower communities through various initiatives, some examples of which are:

  • Leadership Programs: GE is proud to be known for its leadership programs in Africa, which target new and emerging talent and develop future leaders in sectors including Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain, IT, Engineering and Communications.
  • Partnership with the African Leadership Academy (ALA): GE is building a pipeline by supporting the development of a future generation of African leaders through partnerships with institutions like the African Leadership Academy.
  • GE and Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF): GE Nigeria has partnered with the Tony Elumelu Foundation to offer up to 25 TEF Entrepreneurs with one dedicated class every year at the GE Lagos Garage—a hub for advanced manufacturing-based innovation, strategy development, idea generation and collaboration. The partnership results from both organizations’ interest in fostering economic growth and empowerment in Nigeria by building a skilled workforce and driving entrepreneurship development in the country.

GE has pledged to equip its host countries with the material and systems needed to widen access to healthcare and other essential services. GE uses its expertise and technological track record to bring tools, technology and training to communities; strengthen rural healthcare provision; and help people respond in times of natural disasters.

How We Equip

We work to equip communities through various initiatives, some examples of which are:

  • Developing Health Globally™: GE’s Developing Health Globally (DHG) program, run through the GE Foundation, operates in nine countries in Africa. DHG’s current Safe Surgery 2020 program will transform surgical care across facilities, reduce maternal trauma mortality, and strengthen health systems through a commitment of $25 million by:
    • Providing leadership development on the ground in low- and middle-income countries to improve the quality of surgical care in target facilities.
    • Identifying, testing and scaling innovations, accelerating progress in safe surgery both at the facility level and more broadly.
    • Identifying proven programs to improve surgical care, and elevating the profile of surgery on a global stage.

This is in parallel with GE’s first Biomedical Equipment Training (BMET) program to build a sustainable pipeline of trained biomedical engineers/technicians. In addition, the GE Foundation supports various maternal and child health projects across Africa.

  • GE, Kenya Airways and Boeing: GE donated a CF6 engine to the Aerospace and Aviation Engineering Programme at Technical University of Kenya (one of only three universities in sub-Saharan Africa that offer a bachelor’s in aeronautical engineering), enabling aeronautical engineering students to experience hands-on learning with one of the most popular wide-body aircraft engines in service today. The intention is to increase the pool of talented aviation experts needed to service the needs of African airlines.

At GE, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We are determined to elevate the communities in which we operate by lending scale and resources to transformative ideas that have the potential to address local challenges. We support entrepreneurs in developing new technologies and new approaches to tackling local problems, and fund research into new solutions, with a particular focus on energy.

How We Elevate

We work to elevate communities through various initiatives, some examples of which are:

  • GE & USADF Off-Grid Energy Challenge: GE Africa has a partnership with the U.S. African Development Foundation and USAID to support the Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Challenge. In 2016-2017, the target is African women-owned and -managed energy enterprise and innovations. The challenge is to drive private investment in off-grid and small-scale renewable-energy solutions. This initiative has supported 50 awards of up to $100,000 each, with an aggregate donation of $5 million in three years, to energy entrepreneurs in nine African countries across the continent. The Energy Challenge supports renewable-energy projects, utilizing technologies such as wind, solar, hydroelectricity, and biogas, and provides over 400 kilowatts of new electricity capacity to sub-Saharan Africa’s most rural communities.
  • Healthymagination is a GE business model that addresses one of the toughest challenges in the world: access to healthcare. This effort focuses on designing technologies, partnerships and solutions that enable better healthcare in rural settings. In partnership with the Miller Institute, Healthymagination focuses on a training and mentoring program for social entrepreneurs working on maternal and child health innovations in sub-Saharan Africa. The program enables more women to experience better health by improving the quality, accessibility and affordability of care.



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